The team

SNNC 2020

SNNC Team is the organization behind the official after-party of the Nobel banquette. Approximately 300 students from all parts of Stockholm gather to continue the tradition of creating an extraordinary night. During construction week in December it becomes so much more than a project. 

Axel – our General – began this journey at the start of this year to assemble a driven team to serve as this year’s committee. He enlisted committee members with experience in Construction, Decor, Sound & Light, Corporate Relations, Costumes & Entertainment, Food & Beverages, Guest & Safety, Human Resources, IT & Communications, and Logistics.

The committee then recruited several skilled project group members in April within the fields mentioned above. The team will continue to expand with Room & Process Managers and later Nighties. If you are a student from Stockholm, you can become one of us during one of the coming calls! And you will not miss the announcement if you follow us on our media channels.


The project group of SNNC-2019.

Vision and goals

Our aim is to create the night you will never want to end.


The Students’ Nobel NightCap was first organized in 1978 by a student from the Stockholm School of Economics. It has since been a recurring event for 40 years. Each year a different university from Stockholm serves as host for the event. After the party returns to the Stockholm School of Economics, it goes on to Stockholm University followed by the Royal Institute of Technology and then finally to Karolinska Institutet. The student associations at these universities take the responsibility of organizing the event as well as bearing the initial costs. Although it is these four universities that act as hosts for the event, students from all universities in Stockholm are welcome to join the project.