The team

SNNC 2018

Behind this year’s edition of the Students’ Nobel NightCap is a diverse team consisting of almost 300 students. The team comes from different backgrounds, they carry various nationalities and they study at different universities. What brought us together is the opportunity to create an event to be remembered.

To make the event possible, the two generals — Mats and Johanna — began working on the project back in January. During the spring, they recruited a committee of 8 that brought on board and leads our 8 project groups: Communications, Corporate Relations, Costumes & Entertainment, Decor, Light & Sound, Food & Beverages, Human Resources, and Logistics & Coordination. The team then grew once again in two final rounds of recruitment when the room & process managers and the nighties joined us.

The Committee with Mats and Johanna.

The project group.


Vision and goals

The Students’ Nobel NightCap is all about the journey; it is about how such a large and diverse group comes together in the name of Alfred Nobel to organize one of the best events of the year. Together, we work toward three common goals to ensure that the night will be one to remember: Innovation, Memorability, and Universality.

We strive to bring an innovative touch to the decades-old event.

With strive to create a legacy that will be remembered.

We strive to unite Stockholm’s universities by organizing this event together.



The Students’ Nobel NightCap was first organized in 1978 by a student from Stockholm School of Economics. It has since been a recurring event for 40 years. Each year a different Stockholm university serves as host for the event. After the party returns to the Stockholm School of Economics, it goes on to Stockholm University followed by the Royal Institute of Technology and then finally to Karolinska Institutet. The student associations at these universities take the responsibility to organize the event as well as to bear the initial costs. Although it is these four universities that act as hosts for the event, students from all universities in Stockholm are welcome to join the project.